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May 13, 2020

What Are The Benefits Of Working Remotely?

Long before the coronavirus pandemic forced businesses to close up shop, workers all over the continent were enjoying the benefits of working from home. At MeloTel, we’d be willing to bet that even when the COVID-19 crisis is behind us, many people will continue to work in locations outside of their main offices. There are numerous benefits to working remotely.

A lot less time is spent commuting.

One of the immediately apparent benefits of taking the office out of office work is the time saved commuting back and forth. This is especially welcoming to individuals who don’t drive. Avoiding rush hour traffic on buses and subways is basically a dream come true for many 9 to 5ers. In addition to the enormous amount of time saved, a lot of money is saved too. This gives employees more ability to spend their money on things they truly enjoy.

It improves employee retention.

Recruitment experts regularly champion the importance of strong company culture. Making employees happy is the best way to lure new talent to your business. It’s also an excellent way to avoid high turnover rates. Offering your staff members the chance to work remotely is an effective method of retaining your employees.

Employee productivity spikes.

Allow us to reiterate the benefits of having happy employees. Not only will they stick around longer, but they will work harder. Numerous studies have confirmed that employees who work remotely are able to churn out better results. They are also found to be more productive than their in-office co-workers.

It makes your business attractive to millennials.

None of us are getting any younger. This is why bolstering your staff with millennials is practically a must. These young career opportunists are likely to have skills and experience that may teach you a thing or two. However, they’re also likely to provide you with excellent service for a long time. Young people love flexibility at their jobs and consider it a top factor in choosing who to work for. Allowing them to work from home means your business is millennial-friendly.

Employees are given greater responsibility.

Believe it or not, most hard-working individuals love autonomy. Instead of having superiors constantly supervise them, they like to work independently. The ease of pressure is a great way to keep them more productive. By giving your employees the opportunity to work remotely, you will make them feel trusted. This instils greater confidence in your team members. The long-term gains often include company loyalty.

You’ll save a ton of dough in rent money.

Do you require a large office space in order for your team to conduct the company’s daily operations? If your employees can work from home, you sure don’t! Having remote workers means you don’t have to pay large rental fees for office space. In addition, it means you don’t need to purchase as much equipment and supplies. Simply put, having employees work remotely is a huge money saver!

Are your staff members working remotely? Are you considering having them do so for the long haul? MeloTel can help make their jobs so much easier! Please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-888-MELOTEL to ask about our cloud-hosted Commercial Phone Services and the Cloud Softphone app that comes with them for free!

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