Bettering The Phone Agent Experience In Your Call Centre

Call centres all over North America employ some of the hardest workers in the continent. As we’ve pointed out in many past blogs, call centre phone agents have incredibly hard jobs. Many are required to make north of a hundred calls per day! That’s a lot of different phone calls with a lot of different personalities. On many of their calls, they will be embroiled in difficult conversations that require the overcoming of numerous objections….

3 More Tips For How To Bolster Production In Your Call Centre

In our last blog, we revisited the concept of call centre productivity and offered some tips to call centre managers to help them improve performances at their places of business. In today’s blog, we’ll pick up where we left off with three more excellent tips for how to bolster production in your call centre. 1. Find ways to constantly boost employee morale. Never assume that your phone agents don’t need motivation on a regular basis….

3 Ways To Ensure You Run A Top-Performing Call Centre

Call centre work isn’t easy. This has been a theme of many a MeloTel blog because we know just how much effort and dedication must go into the job of a call centre phone agent. As you may have guessed, we have a lot of experience working with call centre businesses, providing them with a variety of cloud-hosted services including our Commercial Phone Services, DaFeeder Preview Dialer and Monitor/Whisper Control Panel. However, there are steps…

6 Key Ingredients To A Successful Call Centre

Running a call centre isn’t easy. And it’s certainly doesn’t get any easier when you’re without the tools necessary to run a call centre in a way that can help your company generate money. Clearly, you want friendly and knowledgeable employees to work your phones. Often, it’s the inflections in a person’s voice that can make him or her successful as a call centre employee. But your company’s mission statement also needs to be fully…