txt-broadcast-2Businesses of all sizes are taking advantage of SMS as a form of communication with their prospects and customers. It’s the only vehicle that allows you to communicate with your customers in a personal, non-intrusive manner. SMS allows you to send time sensitive alerts to your mobile subscribers instantly, driving more traffic and creating higher conversion rates.

Send 1 or 100,000 messages with a single click. Segment your contacts into unlimited groups. Send mobile coupons, schedule reminders and market new products and services. Customers can even text you back and you will get the response in your email.

17% Conversion Rate on Sales!

If you send a text message to your subscribers with a compelling offer or call-to-action, you can expect 17% of those subscribers will act on the offer. Compared to print pieces, which yield an average 1% conversion, and email, which is less than 10%, SMS is a low-cost, common sense approach to driving more sales.

98% Open Rate

If you send it, they will read it! 98% of all text messages sent by SMS marketing are read within 15 minutes, not hours or days as is typical with email and direct mail.

affordable pay as you go pricing


  • Includes Canada or USA Number
  • Web Based Administration
  • Message Mail-Merge
  • 3¢ for each outgoing SMS
  • 3¢ for each incoming SMS


Coupons, New products, Sales, Lead generator;


Discounts, Happy hours, Events;

Automotive sales

Discounts, Happy hours, Events;

Churches & Governments

Alerts, Reminders;


New shows, Reminders;


Tee time reminders, Discounts, Closures;


Appointment reminders, Payment reminders, Openings in schedule;

Real Estate

Listing info, Home updates, Appointment reminders;


Alerts, Reminders;