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Avoid Common Customer Service Pitfalls

This past week, the MeloTel Blog has focused on the concept of customer appreciation. You might say that we feel that you can never do too much to thank your customers for their patronage. But then again, you might also be able to say that less is more. You wouldn’t want to go overboard and make any of your clients feel uncomfortable. On, Ingrid Cliff explains that some business owners do their best to provide great customer service but…

Get Your Blog On!

In our last blog, we excitedly introduced our new look website. At MeloTel, we often champion the concept of keeping things fresh and proving to your customers that you staying ahead of your competition. Our snazzy new website not only comes with a new look, but it exhibits new features as well! Since you’re reading our blog, it’s pretty obvious that we herald the use of a regularly-updated blog to help drive traffic to your website. This very blog has…