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Staying In Touch With Customers Is The Ultimate Marketing Strategy

Our customers mean a lot to us. It is never lost on the MeloTel team that without the support of the many amazing business owners across North America who make up our customer base, we would have no company to run. It’s also not lost on us that each and every one of our clients has taken a chance. As a smaller telecom provider, MeloTel is a company that many of our clients admit they never heard of until it…

3 Benefits Of Being Easy To Get In Touch With

In our last blog, we stressed the importance of providing expeditious customer service. In 2018, it’s what customers expect. When people contact businesses online or over the phone, they expect either immediate responses or those that are within 24 hours. Some business experts argue that all companies need to find ways to provide 24/7 service. And while that’s not totally feasible for all businesses, it is important to be easy to get in touch with. Here are three benefits of…

How Important Is It For You To Stay In Touch With Your Customers?

Here’s the simplest way for us to answer the question posed by the title of today’s blog: very! In 2017, customers and the businesses they support have much different relationships than they did even a decade ago. Today, nearly everything a person does is a matter of public interest. Many consumers take to their social media accounts to express their likes and dislikes and often, this has to do with their experiences with various companies. A bad experience at a…

6 Ways To Master The Art Of Keeping In Touch

“Keep in touch!” It’s an idiom we all tend to exclaim on a regular basis without truly understanding the gravity of its importance. At least, this is true in the business world. When business owners keep in touch with their clients, it makes a really big difference in their relationships. It’s important not only to find ways to reach out to your clients, but to be easily accessible as well. It’s somewhat of an art. Here are six ways to…

4 Benefits Of Staying In Touch With Customers

With the holidays fast approaching, many of us will be getting back in touch with family members and friends that we haven’t spoken to or seen in a while. It’s all part of the holiday tradition. Reaching out to loved ones and gathering to celebrate good times is often what the end-of-year holiday season is all about. For the most part, the relationships with our family members and friends don’t dissipate simply because of distance the rest of the year….

5 Creative Approaches To Staying In Touch With Clients

With the holiday shopping season practically here, things are bound to get busier than ever. Not only will you have your own shopping to do, but you’re likely to be hearing from and seeing your customers a lot more in the coming weeks. At MeloTel, we’re in the business of “staying in touch”. And, as a result, we know that pretty much every business owner has to become a master of the “staying in touch” game. Customers simply hate it…