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6 Things You Really Want From Your Telephone Service

You run a business. Your customers are important to you. Your suppliers are important to you. Your partners are important to you. It’s important, therefore, to always be able to be in touch with them. And that means that it’s important to have the most multi-faceted, dependable and functional business phone service available on the market today. In today’s world, you need a lot more than a simple phone number from your service provider. You’re really going to want some…

What Makes A Trusted Company?

At MeloTel, we strive to provide the ultimate experience to all of our customers. And we know that it takes a lot more than great products and services. It requires an incomparable customer service regimen as well. But even with all of the above firmly in place, there is a key ingredient to what makes up a trusted company that not everyone remembers. And we believe it’s the ability to be a friend. Yes, you can’t be best buds with…

Being Accessible = True Customer Care

On the top of the lists of pet peeves that the majority of customers have is “Companies That Don’t Get Back To Me”. Is there anything more annoying that leaving a message for someone and that person not returning your call? It’s not only considered annoying, but disrespectful. Surprisingly, many business owners have not yet mastered the task of getting back to their clients’ queries in timely fashions. This can severely hurt customer relationships and, in many cases, end them….

5 Fabulous Ways To Thank Your Customers

St. Patrick’s Day was yesterday. And Easter is coming up next month. But, for some reason, MeloTel feels like celebrating Thanksgiving! It’s not so much the turkey dinners that have us in the mood to give thanks – it’s our great customers who make us want to show our appreciation. We’re well aware that without our customers, our company couldn’t exist. So thank you! Thanking your customers, by the way, should be a common practice. At MeloTel, we do all…

Time To Spring Into Action

It’s a mess out there! At least, if you’re living in the City of Toronto – home to MeloTel – you’re experiencing quite the winter storm today. But wait, isn’t spring supposed to be just a week away? It sure doesn’t seem like the season when flowers are blooming and the sun is shining warmly is right around the corner. What to make of the constant snow and cold? As a business owner, it shouldn’t matter what the weather is…

6 Ways Your Business Can Spread Holiday Cheer

We’ve been doing a lot of talking about holiday cheer, here at MeloTel. As big fans of the holidays, our staff members enjoy regaling each other with tales of Christmases gone by. But as a team, we also enjoy discussing ways that we can make the holiday season a joyous time for our clients. We know that putting smiles on faces is a mission of ours all year round. But there are ways to step it up during the holidays….