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The Personal Touch Matters So Much To Your Customers

At MeloTel, we pride ourselves on a number of things we believe help us to set our brand apart from our competitors. But, at the end of the day, it’s all about customer service for us. We insist on developing and growing our relationships with our clients to ensure them that they can’t find better service anywhere else. Unbeatable customer service really is about relationship building. So we add the personal touch to all of our interactions. Our clients highlight…

Why Adding The Personal Touch Matters So Much

At MeloTel, it’s important to us that we grow the relationships we have with our clients. We know that simply offering high-quality services isn’t enough. Of course, we’re insistent on providing top-of-the-line cloud-hosted services, but we know that our brand won’t be set apart from others if we don’t put efforts into getting to know our customers. By understanding the specific needs and wants of each of our clients, we’re able to cater our services to them in more personalized…

Stop Giving Out Your Personal Phone Numbers For Business Use

Stop giving out your personal cell phone number! Quit giving out your home phone number! Stop giving out your pager number! (Okay, those don’t really exist anymore, do they?) With MeloTel’s Single Number Reach, you can do away with ever giving out your personal phone numbers for business purposes again! Single Number Reach provides you with one phone number that is directed by your rules. It enables you to have your business phone number forwarded to any device you like….

Single Number Reach Means No More Giving Out Your Personal Numbers

Are you finding it difficult to work from home? Are you so used to your office setting that the whole “stay at home” thing is impacting your ability to work? Most entrepreneurs would say “no”. Working from home can be incredibly convenient. There’s no more having to beat rush hour traffic. And, if you really wanted to, you could work in your pyjamas! Working from home, however, does present some challenges to traditionalists. Many people like getting dressed up for…

Why Staying In Touch With Your Customers Matters So Much

You’ve made a sale. That’s good. Your customer seems happy enough with his purchase. That’s great. He’s just either left your store or hung up the phone after the completion of the transaction. That’s bad. What have you done to secure that customer’s loyalty? Was there an opportunity to make it so that the customer is encouraged to come back? Could you have asked for his name and even his email address? By taking steps to stay in touch with…

Keeping In Touch Is A Top Way To Market Your Business

Reliable. Trustworthy. Dependable. Honest. Take your pick. These words are the ones you most want associated with your brand. Without having your company garner such reputable accolades, it’s bound to face defeat at the hands of its competitors. In today’s world, consumers are far more interested in the genuine bonds they’re able to create with the businesses they support than the products and services those same businesses offer. Consider the fact that it’s most likely your products and services are…