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Push For More Online Promotion

It’s no big secret that we, here at MeloTel, believe very strongly in promoting business online. As we have mentioned before, if your company does not have an online presence in this day and age, it will leave many consumers believing that you have no presence at all. You practically don’t exist if you’re not online! This is why MeloTel not only specializes in providing companies withways to communicate online – say through our excellent VoIP and Email & Web…

Look At Your New Logo

What’s in a logo? Honestly, everything! Some business owners underestimate the importance of having a strong, distinct and recognizable logo. What do you think when you see the golden arches? McDonald’s restaurants don’t even need to have the word “McDonald’s” visible in order for customers to know what the golden arches mean. MeloTel is very proud to announce that we now provide business logo design as one of our brand new features! With many years of expertise in the graphic…

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