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Charles Murray

“Benjamin Verde Incorporated has been a loyal MeloTel customer since 2013. We are able to provide a variety of Artist and Entertainment related solutions such as Web Hosting, Artist Marketing and Artist Funding to clients across Canada. By utilizing MeloTel’s robust products and services our agents are able to provide fast and efficient customer care to various radio stations, record companies, independent artist as well as popular international brands via Benjamin Verde’s portal. We greatly appreciate the speedy replies…

Thanking Our Fantastic Clients For Their Testimonials

As you have likely noticed, there have recently been some significant changes taking place at MeloTel. And they all represent our growth as a company. Our recent re-launch of our website was part of our declaration to provide even better hosted and professional services while stepping up our customer service game. As we’ve likely made obvious, we have every intention of being considered a top contender in Canada’s telecom industry. And we have our fantastic clients to thank for that!…

Client Spotlight: Benjamin Verde

Canada is widely known for its remarkable talent in the world of entertainment. From actors to directors, singers to rappers, Canadian artists have been making quite the names for themselves worldwide. Look no further than the Jim Carreys, James Camerons, Justin Biebers and Drakes of the world for proof. However, these individuals have more in common than their vast popularity and “Canadianism”. They each achieved success outside of Canada in order to be recognized as successful artists inside of Canada….

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