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3 Advantages That VoIP Technology Gives Your Business

In the business world – no matter what type of business you own – it’s always beneficial to be able to get a leg up on your competition. As a business owner, you want all the advantages you can get. At MeloTel, we’re extremely clear about one of the best advantages your business can make use of. And that’s VoIP telephone technology! The incredible strides that businesses have been able to take, thanks to VoIP, are many. Are you taking…

5 Ways To Provide Unbeatable Customer Experiences

You might have noticed that we care a lot about customer satisfaction, here at MeloTel. Our company operates as if we are customers ourselves. Because, after all, we are customers! We make purchases of our own on a regular basis from all different types of merchants. And the customer service experience that we expect to receive is the one we aspire to provide for our customers. Actually, we strive to take things a bit further! At MeloTel, we place great…

4 Reasons On-Hold Messages Are So Important

We talk a lot about the importance of good communication, here at MeloTel. A key ingredient to any successful relationship, strong communication is necessary between a company and its clients in order for long lasting loyalty to occur. There are, of course, numerous methods by which a business owner can secure new customers. But it’s hard to argue that the best way to do that is to impress the customers that you already have. After all, it’s often said that…

4 Things Unreturned Messages Say About Your Business

No matter the industry, a company’s reputation goes a long way in determining whether or not it will gain or lose customers. The various comments made about a company on social media, for example, can have a huge impact on what others think about it. It doesn’t even take a person to have a personal experience with a brand to consider not giving it a try. One bad review is all it takes for a potential buyer to lose interest….

5 Reasons To Consider Going Toll-Free

What comes to mind when you hear of a company’s toll-free number? Most people automatically associate such numbers as being connected to companies that are major players within their respective industries. There is something very “professional” about a toll-free number. In addition to it often being pretty easy to remember, these numbers also communicate that a business has customers continent-wide. At MeloTel, we have a long list of toll-free numbers available for our clients. We can assign your company a…

3 Keys To Being A Brand-Boosting Communicator

Communication is the key. It’s kind of become one of those cliché phrases that we get all too used to hearing when it comes to discussing what makes relationships work. It is likely to be among the first points made by a counsellor when a couple seeks therapy to better their relationship. But as cliché as it may sound, it doesn’t make the statement untrue. In fact, strong communication is arguably the most important aspect of any good relationship. That…