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June 23, 2020

Revisiting What Makes MeloText Such A Great Business Booster

Last week, the MeloTel Blog returned to the topic of MeloText. Introduced by MeloTel just a little over a year ago, this amazing service has grown in popularity over the past few months. The COVID-19 crisis has changed the way businesses are able to operate. So it only makes sense for North American business owners to utilize this fascinating method of sending out SMS marketing messages to engage their audiences.

MeloText is a revolutionary Text Message & SMS/MMS Marketing Software Platform. And we’ve made it very easy to set up your account – simply register HERE! However, if you’re not yet convinced of how great a business booster MeloText is, allow us to continue our look at the service’s many great features.

Website Signup Widgets.

MeloText makes it easy for people to subscribe to your SMS marketing list. With Website Signup Widgets, you can allow your potential customers to join your list from your website. Simply place a web-based form on your site and visitors will be able to sign up quickly and easily. This feature offers a very cost-effective way to grow your customer base.


Want to know how people are enjoying your newest product? Trying to figure out what marketing strategy to launch next? Find out what your subscribers are thinking by launching SMS polls. By creating text-to-vote polls, you will keep your subscribers both engaged and interested in what you have to offer. In addition, you’ll gain valuable information that will help you to determine what your customer base needs and wants from your business.

Mobile Splash Page Builder.

Who said MeloText was only for sending out text messages? You can use it to send photos and videos as well! With the Mobile Splash Page Builder, you can actually create your own web pages with video, images or any HTML. You can then send those page URLs out to your subscribers to view. The Mobile Splash Page Builder is, in fact, equipped with a full-featured HTML editor.

Voice Broadcasting.

In addition to text messages, photos and videos, MeloText allows you to send voice messages! There is more than one way to broadcast a vocal message to your subscribers. You can type in a message for the system to convert into voice. You can also upload an mp3 file containing your voice message. The Voice Broadcasting feature offers an excellent way to keep your contacts engaged.

Built In Link Shortening & Tracking.

Have you ever received a web link that took up about three to four lines of text? Such links look a bit ugly and can even hamper the effectiveness of your messages. With this particular feature, you’ll be able to do away with long and confusing links by shortening them. By taking up fewer characters in your text, you will increase your click rates. In fact, you’ll be able to track how many clicks were made for any given link. This tool truly helps you to discover how effective your messages really are.

To learn more about MeloText or to sign up for it, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-888-MELOTEL today!

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