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October 3, 2019

PSA: Beware The MeloTel Imposter!

They say that imitation is the greatest form of flattery. However, in some cases, imitation is simply inappropriate, unprofessional and downright annoying. We suppose we should be flattered that we’ve recently been imitated. However, it’s the latter description of imitation that best suits a recent discovery.

This week, we discovered a fraudulent MeloTel job posting.

On behalf of the entire MeloTel team, we would like to apologize to any and everyone who has been inconvenienced by a fraudulent job posting from someone impersonating a representative of our company. We take our brand reputation very seriously, having worked tirelessly for more than a decade to be recognized as a top provider of both business-related cloud-hosted services and unbeatable customer service.

So, it was with great dismay that we learned of a job posting from someone using the domain name Yesterday morning, we received a call from a job seeker who was wondering why we weren’t responding to our job postings. Naturally, this took us by surprise. At present, we have no job postings listed.

We’ve had the fraudulent job posting taken down.

We immediately took to contacting the individual who created the fraudulent job posting to ensure that it be taken down. We’ve been assured that the posting will be removed. While it’s hard to understand exactly why someone would wish to impersonate the MeloTel brand and thereby smear our brand image, we are of the mind that this person was attempting to phish private or confidential information from job seekers.

These types of scams can also be used to ask job seekers to send money or other requests in order to get a job or an interview. The fraudulent job posting in question was for a “Customer Service Representative Position”. We wish to reiterate that we have no such position currently available.

We would appreciate your help in tracking down fraudsters.

If you come across this job posting or any other job posting from (notice the “s” in the domain name”), please don’t hesitate to report it to us. For that matter, if you happen to find any job posting for a MeloTel job position that doesn’t provide you with contact information containing our correct phone number and email address (with the correct domain), do not respond – and please do let us know about it. We’ll immediately endeavour to have such postings taken down.

The fraudulent job poster even went so far as to create a pseudonym for our Founder and CEO, John Meloche. We were forwarded an email that purported to be a response to a job applicant, signed with the name Angel Meloche, with Hiring Manager as his title. We’re sure John is flattered to be considered an “angel”! However, we’re not impressed with the attempt to use our company name to defraud innocent job hunters.

Interestingly enough, the real MeloTel is currently in the process of beginning a search for a Backend Developer. You can expect to see a legitimate job posting about this available job position very shortly.

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