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4 Reasons To Update Your Company Website This Fall

Fall starts in two days. And while the weather, here in the Greater Toronto Area, doesn’t reflect that (summer finally decided to show up!), rest assure that we will all be feeling the return of chilly weather shortly. For business owners, the fall represents the beginning of the fourth quarter. With October right around the corner, now is the time to think about injecting some new life into marketing strategies in order to end the year off strong. We can’t…

3 Simple Steps To Being An Over-The-Phone Customer Service Master

Speaking over the phone is easy, right? After all, the vast majority of us do it every day. There’s nothing to it! Thinking this way can present a problem for business owners. Perhaps, because so many of us spend so much time on the phone each day, we take for granted that we’re pros at it. Even the most professional of businesspeople, however, slip up now and again. And, by “slip up”, we mean neglecting to practice some of the…

The Art Of Leaving Professional Voicemails

It probably goes without saying that people prefer to speak to live human beings over leaving voicemails. However, we’re all bound to have to speak to an answering service every now and again. When representing your business, however, the act of leaving a voicemail is not one that should be overlooked as a menial task. It’s important to remember that each voicemail you leave is a reflection of your brand. How do you want your brand to be reflected? Think…

4 Main Benefits Of Incoming Call Routing

In a number of our recent blogs, we’ve been highlighting the fact that MeloTel’s wonderful VoIP-based Commercial Phone Services can save small business owners a lot of money on their monthly bills. However, we’ve also been pointing out that there is no diminishing of the quality of service that our customers receive when they sign up with us. In stark contrast, our phone services actually provide our customers with a wide array of calling features that many of them never…

5 Smart Techniques For Placing Callers On Hold

Providing excellent customer service should be on the top of every business owner’s daily to-do lists. Coming up with a specific way for your team to handle its customer interactions is extremely important in establishing a strong and very favourable brand image. This is especially true for companies that do the majority of their business over the phone. When speaking to someone over the phone, you don’t have the luxury of body language and facial expressions to tell your story….

Why Is Custom Hold Music So Important?

Did you know that Custom Hold Music is offered as one of the many great features that come with MeloTel’s Commercial Phone Services? Don’t be mistaken. This feature definitely doesn’t belong in the “no big deal” category. Having music play while your customers are waiting on hold for you can go a really long way in improving customer relationships and increasing sales. Not convinced? Consider the following. Hold music can be customized to sell your products and services. Not all…

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