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Being Thankful For Blogging & Social Networking

Last week, MeloTel introduced our brand new blogging bundles in an effort to help your business bring more awareness to its website. As we mentioned, these fantastic new packages not only allow for us to keep your company site regularly updated with inventive blogs, but they will keep your social profiles consistently updated as well. Social networking is a big part of what drives traffic to websites, these days. We’ve noted numerous times that the use of such sites as…

Why It’s So Important For Your Customers To Easily Reach You

No matter your industry, your business operates in a competitive environment. Add the fact that, for the past year, the coronavirus pandemic has forced your business to operate differently than it ever has before. Now you have yourself a major customer satisfaction crisis. Or do you? Just because your doors may not be open to the public, it doesn’t mean you can’t provide your customers with excellent service. In today’s world, it’s vital that you are easy to reach no…

Isn’t It Time You Added A Blog To Your Company Website?

By today’s standards, a blog is a practical must for any company website. Content marketing is all the rage. With the internet constantly being to the go-to source for any and all advertising, it’s necessary to ensure you are giving web users reasons to visit your site. With a regularly updated blog section, you give Google many more reasons to rank your website higher in search results. Isn’t it time you added a blog to your website? Let’s discuss some…

Magali (Abbey) Godoy

Magali Godoy aka Abbey, is our most recent addition to this great family. Raised in Argentina, Abbey always had a critical eye for design and aesthetics. With a strong spirit and more than 10 years of customer service experience, she was finally able to earn her certificate in Digital Media and Web Design at Canadian Business College with an average of 93% excelling in each of her projects. With great imagination and good sense of humour Abbey will be part…

MeloTel Is Now On TikTok!

As we’ve recently announced, the MeloTel team has been pretty busy these days. Although we are embarking on the first anniversary of living in a pandemic-burdened world, we’ve decided not to dwell on the glum side of things. Instead, we’re embracing our now-normal working-from-home lives and stepping things up as best we can online. This year, we welcomed our new Web and Graphic Designer, Magali “Abbey” Godoy to the team. Abbey has come aboard as our resident social media expert….

We’re Still All In This Together – Just Working From Home

It’s hard to believe that the coronavirus pandemic has been impacting our lives for nearly one full year now. Life, as we know it, looks almost nothing like it used to before March of last year. In an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19, MeloTel – like many other businesses – began having its team work from home. Last March, MeloTel’s Founder and CEO, John Meloche issued the following statement. “The safety of our employees, community, and customers is…

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