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Earlier this week, MeloTel introduced a brand new idea that we look forward to launching in the near future. “MeloPhone” is our new iPhone app that we trust will help business owners and call centre managers conveniently monitor their sales staff to improve quality and productivity at their businesses. One reason that we came up with MeloPhone is because we’re always thinking of ways to be innovative around here. We enjoy coming up with ideas that are new and exciting….

MeloTel To Introduce MeloPhone App

With the recent passing of Apple Inc.’s founder and CEO Steve Jobs, a major hole was left in the world of technology. Without question, Jobs inspired a planet of tech-savvy individuals to think big and achieve even bigger. At MeloTel, we consistently strive to improve our services and technologies in an effort to carry out a legacy of our own. So, here’s something we’d like to let all those tech-savvy people in on. MeloTel is secretly working on a brand…

Shop At MeloTel Supply

All week long, MeloTel has been celebrating our host of brand new features that have been added to the seemingly ever-growing list of services we offer. Our blogs this week have showcased the fact that we now design custom logos for businesses as well as offer amazing promotional gifts to help you promote those businesses of yours. As a leading provider of VoIP telephone services in Canada, we are well versed in the VoIP phone equipment game. As a result,…

Picking The Right VoIP Package

Recently, the MeloTel Blog has focused on the rising popularity of Voice over Internet Protocol and the fact that it is slowly but surely becoming a staple within any working environment. To reiterate, having your business set up with a standard telephone line is simply not going to cut it anymore. It’s time to get your head out of the clouds and into the cloud! You may be wondering…“huh”? The MeloTel “Cloud” is what we call all of the various…

Get Your Head In The Cloud

Is there anything that the internet isn’t good for? Let’s be honest, just about everything you need to know about anything can be found online. In a recent episode of the hit comedy series, “Modern Family”, Alex asks her brother Luke from which book he had read the information he had just provided. “Wake up and smell the internet, grandma,” was the young man’s response. With that, the viewing audience was provided with yet another strong piece of evidence that…

Defining M.E.L.O.T.E.L.

So what is it exactly is MELOTEL all about? What can MELOTEL do for you? MARKETING – As is the case with any business, proper marketing is key. Many of our clients utilize a call centre environment to have their employees introduce their business’ products and services to the buying public. MeloTel provides custom CRM integration services to get call centres running smoothly and efficiently with sleek, easy-to-use online systems. EXCELLENCE – You don’t want to work with anyone that…

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