PHP Software Development

Create high-performance PHP applications on time and on budget

As full-stack developers, we utilize various tools and technologies for back-end development, front-end implementation and quality assurance. We are familiar with most PHP Frameworks, Content Management Systems, JavaScript Libraries, Markup Language, Front End Frameworks, Tools and Databases.

It takes a vast amount of experience and knowledge in order to identify the best ones to use, all depending on the functionality necessary to build an application in the most efficient way.

Our specialists can help you determine the best course of action for what you need to accomplish.

Custom Web Applications

We implement reliable PHP development tools to create stylish online presence solutions, enterprise-grade applications enabling workflow automation and effective digital asset management and IoT dashboards supporting real-time sensor data processing and visualization. The R-Style Lab team also assists companies in re-platforming legacy software and upgrading existing web apps to a newer version of PHP-based frameworks and content management systems.

Powerful Back-ends

We devise scalable back-ends for mobile applications with elaborate business logic, cloud-based infrastructure solutions supporting effective IoT implementation and custom APIs which facilitate seamless system and data integration. Besides full-scale back-end development, we offer Infrastructure audit and optimization services to create a cohesive cloud migration strategy and enhance web application performance through code review, load balancing and caching.

  • Back-end: PHP; MySQL, PostgreSQL, NoSQL (MongoDB, Apache Cassandra, DynamoDB)
  • Front-end: AngularJS, React, Vue.js
  • Cloud: Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud
  • Microservices: Cloud Kubernetes Services, Lumen
  • Social networking: social SDKs, Laravel Socialite
  • E-commerce: Ubercart, WooCommerce, Drupal Commerce, custom Laravel; Stripe, PayPal, cryptocurrency APIs
  • Data visualization: FusionCharts, pChart, PHPGraph, JPGraph
  • Performance optimization: Redis, Eloquent ORM, APC, Retrace, Supervisor, Proxy Caching
  • Quality assurance: Protractor, PHPUnit, Jest, Rollbar
  • Intelligent data processing: PHP-ML, BotMan, FondBot, AWS Lambda, Azure Cognitive Services, Google Vision API

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