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AllinclusiveUse the simple calculator below to determine your monthly costs with the MeloTel All Inclusive Commercial Phone Service offering. Once you find the right pricing for your organization, simply click “Generate Quote” and you will be presented with a customized pricing based on the specific items you have have selected in your Quote Generator. Feel free to generate as many quotes as you need. You will receive an email copy of each generated quote.


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Device Option 1: Polycom 331

The Polycom 331 is an entry level 2 line phone. Perfect for a standard user who needs a great quality durable device. This simple 2 line device which accommodates almost all applications.

  • No Term: Buy: $139.99+AC Adapter
  • 1 Year Term: free rental on unlimited plan

Device Option 2: Polycom VVX300

The Polycom VVX300 is an entry level Business Media Phone. Featuring HD sound, a back lit grey-scale LCD display and 6 lines. This advanced device is “Green” – low power.

  • No Term Buy: $179.99+AC Adapter
  • 2 Year Term: free rental on unlimited plan

Device Option 3: Polycom VVX400

The Polycom VVX400 is our most popular Manager phone. Featuring HD sound, a colour display and 12 lines. This advanced 12 line device accommodates almost any requirement.

  • No Term Buy: $259.99+AC Adapter
  • 3 Year Term: free rental on unlimited plan

Device Option 4: Polycom VVX500

Wow. The Polycom VVX500 is it. An easy-to-use, performance business media phone that’s designed for today’s busy managers and knowledge workers. Featuring Full Colour Touch Screen, HD sound, a colour display and 12 lines. Expandable accessories for video and wireless.

  • No Term: $379.99+AC Adapter
  • 5 Year: free rental on unlimited plan

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