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May 30, 2022

MeloTel Gives Your Machine All Its Working Parts

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Creating a business is like creating a machine. You must have all the moving parts in order for the machine to work. At MeloTel, we help entrepreneurs and business owners to achieve their goals with the best service and technology. No matter your business type, we have a business solution for you. Everything you need to both run and promote your business can be found in our one-stop shop!

Do you operate a call centre?

If so, DaFeeder Telemarketing is a must-have! This revolutionary service allows your call centre’s phone agents to do away with manually dialling phone numbers. With the simple click of an on-screen button, your leads can be called in an instant. To be clear, DaFeeder is much more than an automatic dialler. It is a web-based telemarketing software that allows you to create calling campaigns that specifically cater to your target audiences.

All you need to do is upload your leads into different campaigns that you create. For example, you can create calling campaigns based on time zones. As you are surely aware, there are numerous time zones throughout Canada and the United States. If you operate your business on the east coast, you create calling campaigns that contact west coast-based businesses later in the day. Pacific Time is three hours behind Eastern Time.

Does your company need a stronger social media presence?

MeloTel’s happily offers Animated Media & Marketing Packages for your social media accounts! Our team of marketing specialists is comprised of very experienced individuals who are great at building online buzzes for businesses. We expertly craft animated social media marketing images and videos for companies of all sizes. Your custom-made posts will help you to significantly grow the buzz around your business on social media.

Our Animated Media & Marketing Packages can breathe new life into your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram accounts. They include Quotes of the Day, graphic posts and animated videos. By having our team design unique animated social media marketing images and videos for your accounts, you will capture the attention of friends, followers and other members of your target audience like never before.

Are you tired of overpriced phone bills?

MeloTel’s Commercial Phone Services get you connected over the cloud. Instead of a traditional landline, you will use your high-speed internet as your new phone line. This provides you with unmatched features and calling capabilities. It also helps you to avoid any long distance charges. Of course, this provides you with a dramatically lower monthly phone bill.

Not only will you see a reduced monthly phone bill, but you won’t even have to pay for your phones! Our FREE Polycom Rental program is designed to make your switch to hosted phone services both easy and cost-effective. You won’t need to invest hundreds or even thousands of dollars on new telecom equipment. MeloTel will provide Polycom phones as a Free Phone Rental for as long as you are our customer. As well, there are no professional setup, activation or shipping charges!

To learn all about how MeloTel can give your machine all of its working parts, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-888-MELOTEL or email

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