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June 15, 2018

Inspire Team Building With Your Company’s Own Version Of The World Cup!

We have officially entered into a very exciting time of year for sports fans all across the world. The 2018 FIFA World Cup has just gotten underway with host nation Russia defeating Saudi Arabia by a score of 5-0 to open up the tournament yesterday. Excitement is at a fever pitch (pun intended) as two soccer heavyweights and arch rivals, Spain and Portugal square off in a round robin match-up today at 2:00 p.m. EDT.

With the world’s largest sporting event currently taking place, it marks the perfect time to spark up some competitive energy at your place of business. Having your own version of a World Cup in your office is a great way to boost employee morale. Happy employees always make for productive workers. So, maybe the time is right to start up some in-office games of your own! The best ones always inspire team building.

Trivia Games.

Trivia games are fun ways to get employees to better their relationships with each other. By placing them on teams and hosting a trivia tournament (perhaps you can devote 15 minutes to this each day), you’ll inspire friendly competition, good-natured fun and a great break from the rigours of the workplace. On, George N. Root III offers a suggestion for how to set these games up.

“Choose a topic and create trivia questions about it,” he instructs, “Split the staff up into two groups of even size or as close to even size as possible. Start with one group and ask them a question. Give each team 10 seconds to answer the question. If they don’t answer in time, or they answer incorrectly, the other team gets a chance to answer and take the point. The team that wins the most points can receive prizes such as a paid half-day off or a company-sponsored lunch.”

The “What If” Game.

Sure, your staff members may have gotten to know each other while on the job. But how well do they really know each other? Some of the games you introduce in your office should be able to help highlight the unique personalities that make up your staff members. Root recommends doing this by introducing something call the “What If” game.

“This game involves handing everyone a piece of paper,” he describes, “Each person writes down any living thing or object on the paper. All of the pieces of paper are then placed in a box. The department manager then pulls a piece of paper out of the box and asks the question ‘What if you were a,’ ending the question with the object on the paper…Then, have each person describe a typical day in the object that the department manager chose.”

Of course, there are a variety of other in-office game ideas that you can introduce to your staff. Some of them can be work-related as well. It never hurts to reward your top performers. If the World Cup proves anything, it’s that people get excited about team-based competitions. Set up your company’s own version of the World Cup and watch your team get stronger!

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