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March 27, 2018

Why Is It So Important To Provide Feedback To Your Call Centre Employees?

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If the title of today’s blog seems like a silly question – good – that means you’re already on the right track! It should be considered absurd to not provide call centre employees with feedback. In fact, we’d be willing to argue that out of all job types, call centre phone agents require the most attention from their superiors.

As the owner of a call centre business, it’s important that you never neglect the feelings of your employees. Call centre phone agents have emotional jobs. Considering that they’re speaking with people on the phones all day, they’re bound to encounter a wide variety of personalities. And not all of them are going to be pleasant.

One of the first jobs of a call centre manager/supervisor is to manage emotions.

Providing your team with positive energy at the beginning of each work day is definitely a good start. You want your agents to get their days off on the right foot. Holding morning meetings that include motivational speeches and even jokes and anecdotes can help lighten moods that may otherwise be in the dumps.

The key, of course, is to have your reps translate their good moods into excellent customer service. After all, no matter what products and services you may be offering, it’s important to make good impressions upon all those who your phone agents call. Customer satisfaction should be a top priority for all businesses. When your employees are happy, they’ll be a lot more likely to make your customers happy.

“You want the people who dial into your call center, for whatever reason, to have a positive experience (or as positive an experience as possible),” writes Stephen Roney on, “Allowing for the rare person just looking for a stranger on whom to blow off some billing-related steam, most customers are trying to get a question asked or a problem fixed – and they’re usually more than willing to tell you if their needs were not met.”

You can’t shy away from providing constructive criticism.

It’s an imperative part of the feedback you give your employees. It’s important not to delay in passing along helpful hints and tips. The quicker you’re able to correct mistakes, the less likely you will have disgruntled customers who complain about receiving the wrong information. However, on, digital marketing specialist, Jade Longelin advises that positive and negative feedback should be given separately.

“While it can be tempting to use a positive and negative statement back to back – this approach often does more harm than good,” she says, “It creates confusion with the employee and makes your feedback come across as insincere. Employees will feel as if you have used the positive reinforcement as a means to soften the blow and won’t focus on the behaviours you want them to repeat.”

At MeloTel, we proudly offer the ultimate call centre feedback-giving tool!

The Monitor/Whisper Control Panel allows you listen to your phone agents during their calls without being detected. But in addition to monitoring their performances, you can also whisper information to them so that they can immediately better those performances. This innovative service is practically a call centre must-have!

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