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November 26, 2019

How To Adequately Prepare Your Online Store For Cyber Monday

It is Thanksgiving week in the United States! That means that this coming Friday, November 29th is Black Friday and this coming Monday, December 2nd is Cyber Monday. The two days, which are traditionally known as the busiest offline and online shopping days of the year respectively, are bound to garner record numbers in sales this year.

Is your online store prepared for the forthcoming extra traffic? To ensure that it’s all set up to welcome as many shoppers as possible, there are few important steps you should take.

Provide bonuses and perks.

This coming Cyber Monday, you’ll be hard pressed to find an online store that isn’t offering significant discounts. The key to outdoing your competitors is offering special bonuses and perks that they aren’t. Free shipping anyone? According to Kasee Bailey on, extra touches can help distinguish your site from others.

“Consider offering a gift (or an additional discount on future return purchases) with each sale, expedited or free shipping, special packaging, or customized thanks-for-shopping messages from your business,” Bailey encourages, “Watch your industry competitors and work to have the leg up.”

Double check that your site is mobile-friendly.

By now, it should go without saying that your online store should be easily accessible and viewable on all mobile devices. But perhaps, you should give a little something extra to your mobile shoppers. With so many people using their smartphones and tablets to make purchases these days, it may be wise to provide exclusive offers to those who do so.

“Consumers continuously shift between smartphones, desktops and tablets throughout the day,” writes Mike Azevedo on, “As such, their digital storefront and shopping cart should ideally sync across all these devices. By optimizing your site for mobile, your customers can continue their shopping experience wherever they are and subsequently increase your company’s sales.”

Ramp up your social media marketing.

No one should be surprised to see this tip. In today’s world, a business without a social media presence is virtually non-existent. Especially when that business has an online store, it makes no sense to not have regular posts about the various offerings that can be found in the shop. Over the next few days, get on your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts and go post-heavy with respect to all of the savings available on your site this Cyber Monday.

“While social media tends to cast a wider net in terms of marketing, these platforms can help you tease upcoming promotions and provide creative ways of distributing deals,” informs Bailey, “You can also boost your posts to target specific audiences or reach a larger crowd for only pennies on the dollar. Tailor your content to each platform for maximum effectiveness.”

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