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April 8, 2020

Dear Patriotic Business Owner – It’s Time For Made In Canada

Dear Patriotic Business Owner,

In these unprecedented times it’s more important than ever to band together as a nation and do your part where and when you can to help us all get through these harsh times.

The more we invest our businesses operating costs into small businesses and shopping locally the stronger we will come out of these times together.

All while keeping Canadian companies open, Canadians employed and fueling money into our nation’s economy.

While keeping your business open using reliable Canadian companies is just fine, we ask you that you also consider spreading your needs to a variety of small businesses to keep their doors open too.

The big guys will survive with or without your business no doubt, the small businesses are where you can make the most impactful difference and save jobs. Not all heroes wear capes.

If all Canadians took the concept of shopping locally seriously, we will rebound from these hard economic times faster, united and strong than ever.

It is overall a better practice, now more than ever. Shopping locally is not just the responsibility of Canadian businesses but all Canadians.

It is up to us and how we allocate our financial resources that will determine our nation’s fate.

In today’s climate we are learning just how important the term “Made In Canada” is, and what it means to all of us.

As a small business employing Canadians trying to weather the storm, I plea with you to reevaluate where your money is being spent and consider if it is benefiting Canada and make the changes where you can help fuel the economy.

• If you’re working with a large conglomerate instead of a small business for your services – we need to talk!

• If you’re sending your money outside of Canada to an American or UK service provider – we need to talk!

This message was brought to you by MeloTel.

MeloTel is a wholly Canadian owned and operated company serving Canadian businesses. We employ Canadians and are proud to do so since 2009.

We’re counting on business owners like you to consider this Made In Canada approach to support small businesses.

We’re humbly asking you to consider bringing your business back to other small businesses, just like MeloTel.

Not only will it make you feel good, but you will be doing your part to help small businesses, Made In Canada, keep our economy going and Canadians employed.

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John M. Meloche
CEO of MeloTel Phone Company

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