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November 18, 2021

Convert Visitors Into Customers With MeloBot

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Did you know that some of the best customer service you’ve ever received has probably not come from a human being? Think about it. You’re doing your holiday shopping online at three in the morning. You visit a website and receive a “How can I help you?” message from a live chat service. Do you think that you’re necessarily talking to a person? In all likelihood, you’re speaking with a ChatBot. In fact, 85 percent of customer interactions aren’t with humans.

Before we get into what a ChatBot is, all us to ask you this question. How good is the customer service you get online? Simply put, ChatBots provide excellent customer experiences. As a business owner, this cost-cutting customer service measure is a great way to significantly improve both customer satisfaction and online sales numbers.

Okay, so what is a ChatBot exactly?

As we’ve described, ChatBot is a service powered by artificial intelligence. It enables your website’s visitors to interact with a chat interface. In general, ChatBots are utilized to offer web users improved experiences that help to boost conversions. At MeloTel, we proudly offer our own version of a ChatBot. It is known as the MeloTel ChatBot or “MeloBot” for short.

We’re happy to report that, since launching MeloBot, our clients have enjoyed healthy boosts in success at converting their websites’ visitors into customers. They’re not the only ones taking full advantage of this amazing technology. Number big-named corporations are enjoying the benefits of using ChatBots. Among them are Staples, Pizza Hut, Facebook, Spotify, Starbucks, Disney, H&M, Mastercard, Amtrak and The Wall Street Journal.

What are the response rates gained by using a ChatBot?

ChatBots get about 80 to 90 percent response rates. Amtrak reports that ChatBots have helped the company to see ROIs of more than 800 percent! Facebook has stated that ChatBots will be the secret to the platform’s success over the next ten years. Data from Google Trends shows that, over the last five years, search volume around “MeloBots” grew 19 times!

A ChatBot can help your business to achieve five key objections. 1) It will decrease your visitor response time. 2) It will increase your conversions. 3) It will improve customer service. 4) It will reduce the cost of marketing. 5) It will increase your overall revenue. Remember that, by using a ChatBot to provide customer service online, you won’t have to rely on human customer service agents to interact with your website’s visitors. That creates a huge savings in the payroll department.

Can ChatBots help to generate leads?

Yes, ChatBots help you to learn more about the visitors of your website. ChatBots use direct messages to qualify visitors and then direct those individuals to where they need to be. This helps to increase your conversion rates.

By simply asking some probing questions, your ChatBot will qualify your site’s visitors as either hot prospects or not. Hot prospects are sent straight to your sales team or to the product pages they are most interested in. “Not” prospects can simply be added to your email subscriber list.

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