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Want to make some extra cash just for referring MeloTel to a friend?

The MeloTel team has long prided itself on being a people-first company. We insist upon putting the offering of unbeatable customer service at the top of our priority list. Are you a happy customer of ours? We certainly hope so! We’ve long relished the fact that the majority of our clients happen to have been recommended to us by someone else.

Are you a current customer who loves the increased productivity your MeloTel solution provides? Are you an influential business consultant looking to recommend a reliable business phone solution? If so, MeloTel’s Prospect Referral Program provides you with a super easy to way to earn some extra cash! 

How does MeloTel’s Prospect Referral Program work?

MeloTel will pay you 100% of the referred customer’s first month’s bill! Let’s suppose his/her first month’s bill comes to $50. That means you would get $50! In many cases, new clients sign up for several different services. Let’s suppose such a customer’s first month’s bill is as high $900. You know what that means? You get $900! Yes, it really is that easy. And it can really be that lucrative! 

Who is eligible to be referred to MeloTel? 

Please don’t hesitate to recommend anyone that you feel would benefit from MeloTel’s cloud-hosted services. We predominantly work with small to medium-sized business owners all over North America. Bear in mind, however, that there are some rules. 

1. Your referral must become a MeloTel customer and remain in good standing for at least three months.

2. Referral payments will be made by credit after the three month period to your customer account. In some circumstances we may issue a cheque or EMT payable to the referrer.

3. Contacts or prospects that are already known by MeloTel and/or are in MeloTel’s lead management database are excluded and are not qualified for the Prospect Referral Program.

4. The referred customer and the referrer must be in good standing for 90 days at the time of referral payment to referrer. 

5. You must not be an employee or related to the operations of the company in any way.

We appreciate all referrals!

Even if you’re not an active MeloTel customer, you can still refer someone! We will offer you a payment as long as the referred customer has signed a minimum one year term commitment with MeloTel. This offer lasts until the end of 2022, running between July 18th and December 31st. 2022.

Use the form below to submit your prospect referral