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May 3, 2011

Canadian Voices Heard Loud And Clear


At MeloTel, we highly encourage people to speak their minds. We believe greatly in exercising your freedom to express your opinions. As a result, we’re advocates for people going out and voting. If it’s change you’re looking for, the only way to achieve that is to let your voice be heard through your vote.

Well, it appears as if the beautiful nation of Canada has done just that.
At the close of yesterday’s federal election, it was clear that Canadians were looking for a change and felt the need to express this sentiment at the polls. In an election called because of a “no confidence” vote against Stephen Harper’s Conservatives, the Prime Minister struck back with a vengeance gaining 24 seats and winning a majority government.

In addition, Jack Layton’s New Democratic Party was also able to claim a major victory of their own by increasing their seats in the House of Commons by a whopping 66! The NDP is now officially the opposition to Harper’s Conservatives. The NDP’s now-102 seats mark a major overhaul of political strength throughout Canada.

This was most apparent in Quebec where the Bloc Quebecois lost a major foothold on the only province it appears to be concerned about. The separatists were given a loud and clear message by the people of Quebec by being ousted from all but four ridings! The NDP unleashed what the media is calling their “Orange Wave” throughout the province wiping away 43 of the Bloc’s seats.

Gilles Duceppe subsequently stepped down as the Bloc’s leader. The biggest defeat, however, was felt by the Liberal party. Once the official opposition to the Tories, Michael Ignatieff led his party to probably the worst drubbing in its history. Falling from 77 to 34 seats, Ignatieff didn’t even hold on to his own riding, forcing him to resign as the party’s leader early this morning.

Today, The Toronto Sun’s Mark Dunn suggested that Canada wished to show its appreciation to Harper’s Tories for helping to quickly rebuild the nation’s economy following the devastating global recession. With Harper in power, Canada became a world leader in rebounding from the financial crisis helping the nation to secure jobs and build its businesses back.

As Dunn writes, “Harper campaigned on the need for a strong, stable, majority government to keep Canada’s economy on the road to recovery. He warned of the perils of a coalition lurking in the shadows and the dangers it posed at a time a steady hand was needed to keep the country on track.”

Evidently, his views are shared with the majority of Canadian voters. His now-majority government will see many of his policies pass with greater ease. The nation, it seems, is interested in economic stability. At the same time, there is also a call for change as the NDP now has more seats than it has ever had in the past. Congratulations Canada on having your voices heard!

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