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February 26, 2019

What Is It That Makes Content King?

Content is king. Those three words have pretty much become a catch phrase in recent years – and with good reason. Content marketing has become a practical must-have for just about any business looking to get ahead in its industry. In today’s world, consumers are looking for more than places to buy products from. They want relationships with the companies they support so they can feel at ease whenever they have needs for what those companies sell.

Content, which refers to the information you place on your website, needs to be updated often. The more relevant content you have on your site, the more likely it will be to attract visitors. This is one of the top reasons that content is king. In 2019, a company without a viable online presence is practically non-existent.

New content boosts your SEO.

Search engine optimization is a hugely important facet of any organization. Getting your website to rank highly in search engines is a key ingredient to getting your company noticed by members of its target audience. As Teagan West points out on, high-quality, original content on your website’s blog has a significant impact on SEO for a number of reasons.

“First, unique content published regularly with 300-500 words, internal links to other relevant content and naturally placed keywords helps a website rank organically for relevant search terms and keywords,” she informs, “A higher ranking ultimately exposes the brand to more digital consumers searching for content in its industry. Second, consistently publishing great content creates authority and opens up opportunities to build a glowing backlink profile.”

Unique content creates bonds between your brand and its customers.

The content added to your blog needs to do a whole lot more than just advertise your company’s products and services. It needs to serve as a unique voice that works to engage its readers. By giving your brand a personality, your blog can endear internet users to your business, encouraging them to contact you directly. According to Evie Harrison of Rapid Boost Marketing, engaging content is the key to establishing strong customer relationships.

“Without implementing any hard-sell techniques, your company is still able to draw traffic to your website through great content on social media platforms, web-directories, and other sites. This helps boost your ranking on search engines,” she writes, “Last but not the least, it also gives your audience the opportunity to share your content on their respective online platforms.”

Intriguing content helps you stand out from your competitors.

Your blog can really help to set your business apart. When other websites offer the same content day in and day out, it gives visitors no reason to return. Your regularly updated website gives consumers plenty of reasons to keep coming back. In addition, fresh content showcases your company’s expertise as well as its commitment to continually inform and engage with the public.

“It’s important for a brand to stand out from the crowd, and content marketing helps you do just that!” insists Harrison, “It shows the world what’s special about your company and why the customer should purchase from it.”

Let’s work together on regularly updating your website’s content! For information about our Bloggers & Creative Writers For Hire, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the Live Chat feature on our website!

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Danielle Cameron
Heidi Kaufmann
Charles Murray
Rashalee Green
Fouad Shuhaiber
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Danielle Cameron (VP Marketing)Imprezzio Marketing

“Imprezzio Marketing has been with MeloTel for 4 years and their service has been outstanding over the years. Their customer support team is always extremely helpful and always responds and resolves any issues that we have. Thank you MeloTel for providing us with such great service. READ MORE"

Heidi Kaufmann (Manager )TK Enterprises

“When TK Enterprises found MeloTel 2 years ago, it was in a crisis situation. Our previous VoIP provider had left us in the lurch and within days, MeloTel had us back up and running and we’ve never looked back since. We started with VoIP services and have worked with them to bring our company’s technology levels up to be more cutting edge and competitive while reducing costs and mitigating risk the entire time. READ MORE"

Charles Murray (CEO)Benjamin Verde

“Benjamin Verde Incorporated has been a loyal MeloTel customer since 2013. We are able to provide a variety of Artist and Entertainment related solutions such as Web Hosting, Artist Marketing and Artist Funding to clients across Canada. By utilizing MeloTel’s robust products and services our agents are able to provide fast and efficient customer care to various radio stations, record companies, independent artist as well as popular international brands via Benjamin Verde’s portal. READ MORE"

Rashalee Green (VP of Operations)Synergy Marketing

“As the leaders in promotional advertising with over 25 years experience we strive to satisfy all of our clients’ needs when it comes to marketing them and their businesses. We go over and above to make sure that all of their advertising demands are met with no exceptions. MeloTel and Synergy have been in business together since providing exceptional VoIP and technical services. READ MORE"

Fouad Shuhaiber (CEO)National Projects

“I have been a MeloTel customer since 2009 and wanted to tell you how much my whole office appreciates your services. Life becomes a lot easier when someone is there to help when we need it. That kind of service is why we will remain a loyal customer for many years to come. Thank you! READ MORE"

Dr. Martin Jugenburg (Surgeon)Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute

“Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute is a plastic surgery clinic, located in downtown Toronto. On site we have a fully functional, state of the art surgical facility. MeloTel assisted us when we went paperless a couple years ago in replacing and restructuring our computer hardware and network. They have been providing us with IT support ever since. Whether it be remote sessions that are required, or on site visits, the service MeloTel provides is always quick and efficient. READ MORE"

Wayne Goldstein (CEO)Global Mentoring Solutions

“Global Mentoring Solutions (GMS) is a North American based, white labelled outsourced help desk provider that partners with major ISPs, eLearning Support Providers and mid-market IT Service Providers. With MeloTel’s telephone infrastructure services GMS is able to provide support for over 8,000 technical support interactions per month! GMS has been relying on MeloTel’s expertise and professional support services since 2010. READ MORE"

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