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John M. Meloche

Founder & CEO

An emerging leader in the telecom world, MeloTel is the official bringing to life of John’s vision to provide a wide range of incomparable services over the cloud. A company offering everything from business website development to commercial telephone services, MeloTel is the result of many years of John’s hard work and dedication in the role of entrepreneur. John, in fact, has both run and managed numerous companies in a variety of industries. One of the top reasons he has been able to achieve such success at a young age is his insistence upon surrounding himself with talented people. He prides himself on being the captain of the MeloTel Team, knowing that the lineup he has put together is one chock-full of integrity, intelligence and innovative thinking. But most of all, his team is dedicated and confident – knowing that they have a true leader in John Meloche.

Founder & CEO

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