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Mobile Cloud Softphone


MeloTel is pleased to announce the release of our new SIP Cloud Softphone for Android and IPhone. Cloud Softphone is a SIP-based phone for that uses a Wi-Fi or cellular data network connection to make and receive calls on your MeloTel account. Once hooked into your MeloTel phone system you can start making calls using your company caller ID, reaching coworkers with extension to extension dialing, and perhaps more importantly, not using your own cellular minutes.


  • Highly secure SIP-based Softphone with exceptional voice quality.
  • Works on WiFI, LTE or any other high speed internet connection globally.
  • PUSH Notifications so you don’t need to keep the app open all the time.
  • Fully integrated to iPhone calling so no dropped calls when you receive a call from your native phone line.


Contact List and Contact Favorites leveraging the device’s native contact directory

  • Call display and voicemail indicator
  • Speakerphone, mute and hold functions
  • Call history with a list of received, missed and dialed calls
  • Works with bluetooth
  • Automatic Speaker Mode
  • Enable/Disable Do Not Disturb
  • Boost Microphone Volume
  • Call recording
  • Ringtones and contact avatars
  • Dial plan support
  • Swap between two active calls, merge and split calls, transfer calls
  • Security and encryption via TLS and SRTP


If you have unlimited service with MeloTel, you may register your extension to the APP for FREE! If you have Single Number Reach with MeloTel, you may upgrade your plan to include Unlimited Outgoing calling for $10/month and have access to the APP unlimited.