We appreciate your referrals

Whether you’re a current customer who loves the increased productivity your MeloTel solution provides or an influential business consultant looking to recommend a reliable business phone solution, MeloTel’s referral program is a simple way to earn some extra cash. It’s easy, just share some information about your friends and others in your network, and we will reward you with a handsome payment when they become a customer.

Total referral payment up to $75 per customer (some conditions apply). Referral customer must qualify as a referral under the Referral Program. Contacts or prospects already known by MeloTel in MeloTel’s lead management database are excluded and are not qualified in the Referral Program. Payment to Referrer will be made after the referred customer has activated service and has paid their bill for two billing periods. The referred customer and the referrer must be in good standing for 60 days at the time of referral payment to Referrer. Referral payments will be made by check, payable to the Referrer.

  • Email money Transfer is sent to this email address.

$75 for an introduction

They will thank you for it!

If not for the money, your referral will stand to benefit significantly by working with MeloTel. We have been building better relationships with customers since 2009. They will thank you for referring them to MeloTel.

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