Customer Satisfaction Survey

Thank you for participating in this Technical Support customer satisfaction survey.

The following questions were designed to assess your satisfaction with the technical support that you received recently from MeloTel. Please answer in relation to the most recent interaction that you had. Your answers should focus on your experience with the most recent (last) Technical Support Technician with whom you worked.

If you have any problems with this survey or any questions that you would like addressed, please contact us by calling 1-888-635-6835.
  • Very DisappointedNot HappyHappyVery Satisfied
    Technician's ability to understand the unique nature of your problem?
    Technician's ability to provide clear answers to your questions?
    Technician's product knowledge?
    Technician's level of expertise and experience?
    Technician's ability to provide you with a solution that worked?
    Technician's understanding of your IT environment?
    Technician's timely follow-through on your issue?
    Technician kept any commitments that s/he made to you?
    Technician's overall handling of your issue?
    Technician was committed to solving your problem?
    With the time it took to resolve your issue?
  • Thanks for taking the time to complete this survey! However, we love testimonials! If you feel you have recieved exceptional service. We encourage you to leave a testimonial. This could be used on our website, blog or Facebook. Thanks in advance!